We see things differently. That’s our edge.


Stratigon means Strategy + Innovation. We believe these are the two fundamental elements of any promising, modern business. We think differently and act differently, confidently challenging old-fashioned, obsolete and disconnected atrategic consulting. Our vision is to put the focus on people and on impactful solutions for their needs and problems.

Dream Team

Evangelia Daratsanou

Maria Gavatha


We use data and technology as the underlying infrastructure to all of our work. We extend it through a network of subject matter experts with over 40 cumulative years of expertise in Economics, Marketing, Technology, Decision Science, Public Policy, Economic Development, and Organizational Excellence. 

We focus on three strategic areas that align to the needs of our partners, and that can drive impact as independent projects or as a cohesive part of an agglomerated strategy of multiple components.


We identify and define strategic roadmaps and action plans that are actionable, scalable, measurable and solve the partner needs.

  • Data, technology, AI strategy and implementation

  • Audience, market and competitor analysis

  • Policy, governance and operational excellence

We assess and create data and technology solutions that enable and drive strategic and tactical initiatives and partnerships.

  • Predictive analytics and decisioning

  • Cross sectoral partnerships

  • Measurement and attribution

We focus on impact rather than activity, eliminate inefficiencies, increase margins and drive ongoing optimization

  • Efficiencies and ROI

  • Brand equity

  • Inclusive growth and economic mobility

Latest Projects

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